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Important Notice

April 10, 2014

Dear Member:

I wanted to update you regarding the recent media reports of the Heartbleed bug and re-assure you that your credit union is aware of the issue and has addressed it.

Wepawaug-Flagg has addressed this issue through an update/patch to correct the bug and there is no indication that our servers were penetrated.

We are recommending you take additional steps to protect yourself.

All members will be prompted at the next login to change your internet banking password and you will be required to do so.

Please note: Your password must have a minimum of six characters and no more than 13 characters. Your password is case sensitive and requires two out of the following four characteristics--uppercase, lowercase, characters and numbers.

You should not use a password that you have used in the past two years as an additional precaution.

We also encourage you to change your password on other sites such as e-mail or other sites where personal information may be stored. You should only do that after you know the site has been updated with the latest software.

The Heartbleed bug—a vulnerability to software that is used to transport data over the internet—was officially discovered on April 4th, but the vulnerability has existed for almost two years.

This bug is an internet security issue and impacts online retailers, financial services web sites and other destinations that require the entering of sensitive information.

If there is any other information or updates, we will post it online.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding


Michael J. Hinchey

Michael J. Hinchey

Wepawaug-Flagg Federal Credit Union