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Important Fee Changes

March 31, 2013

Dear Member:

After almost 10 years of no fee revisions, Wepawaug-Flagg has changed some of its fees, which may or may not impact you.

Also, you will now have an increase in the number of monthly ATM uses before incurring excess use fees. For those with savings accounts, the number of allotted ATM uses will increase from two to five. Members with regular checking will increase from five uses to eight. Student and Flaggship Plus checking account holders will increase from 12 to 15 ATM uses per month.

This letter serves as the 30-day notification informing you in advance of the fee changes, which are effective May 1, 2013.

Please review this fee schedule for details regarding our fee structure.

For more information on fee changes, visit your local branch or call (203) 288-1695.


Service Fee
All Services and Accounts
ACH- Debits Reversed/Returned Due to Insufficient Funds $25.00
ACH/ATM- Transactions causing a Negative Balance $25.00
ACH Stop Payment $12.00
Redeposited Item $10.00
Returned Checks- Insufficient Funds Fee (Deposited or Loan/VISA Payment) $25.00
Official Check Stop Payment $30.00
Dormant Account Maintenance/Quarter $5.00
Returned Mail-Change of Address Fee $5.00
Closed Account Fee $5.00
Record Retrieval Fees
Photocopy of CU Check/Other Record $2.00
Microfiche Copy of Closed Account $5.00
VISA Credit Card
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
Document Copy Fee $5.00
Bill Payment Services
Monthly (Flaggship Plus & Plus 50 Checking) FREE
Monthly (Regular/Student Checking) (Fee Waived if daily available balance is over $500 for statement cycle) $6.00
Inactive Home Banking (no login for 90 days) $3.00
Inactive Bill Payment (no payments/transfers for 60 days) $5.00
Checking (Share Draft) Accounts and MasterMoney Debit and ATM Cards
Flaggship Plus Checking Fee (monthly) $6.00
Flaggship Plus 50 Checking Fee (monthly) $4.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (per item) $7.00
Manual Check Overdraft Trans. (per item) $7.00
Bill Payment Overdraft (per item) $25.00
Check Stop Payment Order 12.00
Insufficient/Uncollected funds fee $25.00
Courtesy Pay Fee (per item) $25.00
Check Deposited to Credit Union Account and Subsequently Returned $25.00
Checking Account Balancing (1 Hour min.) $30.00
Each Additional Hour $20.00
Check Photocopies $5.00
Reissue ATM/Debit Card (Lost Card) 5.00
Reissue ATM/Debit Card (Compromised Card) NO FEE
Reissue PIN (Personal Identification Number) $5.00
Rush Order ATM Debit Card $25.00
ATM Fee (per transaction in excess of account type limits) $1.00
Mortgage Loan Subordination $100.00 per loan
Excessive Transactions (Reg. D Limit) $5.00
Foreign ATM Usage Fee (Non SUM or CO-OP ATMs) $1.00 per transaction
Official/Teller Checks (payable to third party payees) $2.00 per check
Miscellaneous Services
Real Estate Loan Application Fee $395.00
IRA Account Closing $25.00
IRS/ Wage/Court executions $50.00
Third Party Services
Western Union (Origination Only $5.00
American Express Travelers Cheques:
One Signature NO FEE
Two Signatures (per $100) $1.00
American Express Gift Cheque:
$25.00 $2.00
$50.00 $2.25
$100.00 $2.50